Activity 4: Wear and share

Activity 4: Wear and share

Participants fill out a diagram to show their preferences in sharing particular information online and discuss ways of being more cautious when sharing personal information online.

Materials needed:

  • Copies of the diagram
  • Flipchart
  • Marker pens


40 minutes

Activity description in steps:

  • Ask participants what precautions they take to protect their privacy with people they don’t know, for example, in a shopping centre. Prompt with questions, if necessary: 
    1. Do you wear the same clothes as you wear on the beach?
    2. Do you write your mobile phone number on your face?
    3. Do you tell people your password for online activity?
  • Explain that these things can seem obvious in ‘real’ life but we don’t always take the same precautions online. Ask participants whether they believe they are as careful online as offline about protecting personal information. Explain that the activity will explore the kind of information we feel ready to share with different people online
  • Put a copy of the diagram (or draw on the flipchart) and run through a few examples with participants to indicate how they should approach the task. Explain that responses should be individual because different people may have different things about themselves that they feel ready to share.
  • Give them about 15 minutes to complete the task, and then ask them to share their diagram with two or three other people. Participants can either walk around, showing their diagram to others, or you may want to put them into small groups, depending on time / space and the size of the group.
  • After they have compared their diagrams with a few others, bring the group together for a general discussion.