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The Project


The Paris Declaration (2015) states teachers need new skills & competences to deal with complex classroom realities & to confidently respond to diversified groups, and the continuing professional development (CPD) programmes have been recognised as not always sufficiently relevant to teachers’ needs and challenges they face.

To respond to these needs, PRACTICE will innovate CPD approaches whilst responding to relevant need of teaching methods applicable to diverse learners with the aim to prevent radicalisation.

Across Europe, schools have a key role to play in preventing radicalisation by promoting common European values, fostering social inclusion, enhancing mutual understanding & tolerance, and developing students’ critical thinking about controversial and sensitive issues as a key protective factor against radicalisation.

PRACTICE addresses current challenges & needs of preventing radicalisation in school & of supporting opportunities for teachers’ continuing professional development in this area, by developing, testing & disseminating an innovative approach, using participatory methods collaborative process, that involve 7 partner organisations and 35 schools at local, national & EU level.


To develop an innovative and collaborative EU wide CPD programme on radicalism prevention within school education;

To empower teachers through capacity-building activities aimed to equip them with better tools to address diversity in the classroom and to understand and prevent radicalisation processes in educational settings

To enhance the development of critical thinking skills and strengthen citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non–discrimination through education in secondary schools

To foster the inclusion of students from all ethnic, faith and social backgrounds creating a safe space to become active and responsible citizens and open-minded members of society.


Secondary schools

Secondary school students

School leaders

  • Increased knowledge on the subject of radicalisation & methodology for its prevention
  • Consolidated skills in teaching critical thinking to promote citizenship and EU values among students and tackle diversity-related issues and discrimination
  • Increased confidence in own professional skills & job satisfaction
  • Increased digital skills & digital awareness
  • Acquired ability to manage complex situations in the classroom
  • Increased career opportunities as outcome of the CPD
  • More motivation to experiment and grow in the teaching profession
  • Increased school profile & attractiveness due to innovative CPD offer
  • Increased investment efficiency by improving matches between schools & teacher’s needs & CPD for teachers in a variety of formats
  • Increased effectiveness of school’s response to students needs by enabling the development of relevant competences, skills & pedagogical processes
  • Increased job satisfaction of employees improves school environment
  • Safer, more welcoming & inclusive school environment for teachers & students
  • Increased collaboration with other educational institutions & bodies across Europe, enriching international dimension
  • Stronger resource efficiency thanks to internal & external collaboration
  • Strengthened engagement with local businesses & organizations stimulating development, radicalism prevention & promoting diversity
  • Increased positive response to diversity and inclusion
  • Deeper understanding of EU values
  • Developed critical thinking & ability to engage in democratic dialogue with teachers, classmates & wider community
  • Increased active participation & positive engagement in school& within their communities
  • Increased achievement levels at school thanks to higher inclusion in the classroom
  • More positive attitude towards education due to positive learning environment generated by teachers’ increased confidence and job satisfaction
  • Increased job satisfaction due to increased dialogue & collaboration with peers
  • Increased promotion opportunities through CPD
  • More motivation to experiment & widen interests as a practitioner
  • Increased confidence in matching policy & practice regarding radicalism prevention
  • Improved skills in developing effective CPD
  • Increased leadership skills regarding radicalization prevention in schools

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Coordinator – Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci – Italy