Activity 3: Where do I stand?

Activity 3: Where do I stand?

Adapted from the exercise ‘Where Do You Stand?’ from the Compasito manual. Available at:


Students will express their opinions about stereotypical ideas and will exchange views


  • One sign, saying ‘AGREE’ and another one, saying ‘DISAGREE’
  • Statements:

  • Girls shouldn’t play football, or do other male activities.
  • We have to respect LGBTQIA+ people’s rights.
  • Boys shouldn’t cry.
  • It’s only a woman’s job to do the chores.
  • A boy who loves pink is gay.
  • Women and men are equal.


45 minutes


  • Separate the classroom in two parts and designate one of them as ‘agree’ and the other one as ‘disagree’, putting up the relevant signs.
  • Explain to the students that you are interested in their opinions about several statements. Ask them to stand up in the centre of the class and explain to them that you will read some statements; they will have to think whether they agree or disagree with each statement and stand to the designated part of the classroom. The more strongly they agree or disagree with a statement, the further away from the centre they should stand. No one can stand in the middle and no one must speak until all students have made a decision and stood to the relevant space. The aim is for the students that agreed with the statement to convince the students that disagreed to change their opinion and position and vice versa.
  • After all students have taken part, ask them why they decided to stand on this specific designated place and encourage as many students as possible to express their opinion [5’ per statement].
  • After they have expressed themselves, ask whether someone wants to change where they stand.
  • After all statements have been read, ask students the following questions [15’]:
  1. Was it difficult to take a position in some cases? Which ones?
  2. Did you change your mind for any statement?
  3. Are there any statements you are still uncertain about?
  4. Would you like to discuss something further?
  5. Did you learn anything new from this activity?