Activity 3: Global knowledge

Activity 3: Global knowledge


The teacher divides the pupils into 3 groups, with 1 group bigger than the other 2; and prepares a map of the world or a globe. After spinning the globe, the teacher chooses a country and assign a task to each group:

1. Information group: They are tasked with giving up information about the country selected on the globe (country not continent). The information group has to say as many things they “know, assume or have heard’’ about the country (no access to the internet or books is allowed).

2. Critical thinkers: They will have the greatest number of people so they can be further divided into three groups, with some having the “fake news’’, “so true’’, or “stereotype’’ sign. According to what is said by the information group the critical thinkers can judge what they individually think of what is said by waving the signs and give reasons why they did so.

3. Intelligence agency’s: These students have to have access to the internet. They are in charge of researching all the countries the informants land on and know nothing about. The then have to provide the class with 3/4 FACTS e.g. continent found, majority population or cultural group.

Discussions may be had in-between if necessary, as some information may fit in more than one category.

Discussion guidelines:


Something that is …ExampleSign
Hard facts

● Name of the continent in which the country is found.

● Who the majority native population of the country is.

“so true’’
Completely False● Wrong location“fake news’’
Generalized / Societal Opinion  ● People there are…“stereotype’’


Map image or digital map, handout with signs to be printed, access to internet.

Total duration:

30min – 45min