Activity 2: Pack your migration bag

PART 1: Packing (10-15min)


Each student will take on a role of: Asylum seekers, refugee, internal migrant, international migrant and illegal migrant.

Instruction: Ask students to create a migration background for their journey and further express what they hypothetically would pack in their immigration bag according the following criteria:

  • Positives feelings/Negative feeling /Fears /Possibilities
  • Background (e.g. child migrant, alone, with family); reasons for leaving; difficulties; way of travelling.
  • Be prepared to provide a reason. E.g. I would pack sadness /hope because…


Handout 1 with images of suitcases or bag to be distributed among students; a stamp.

PART 2: Border Control (10min)


Step 1. The students will then have to make 2/3 lines in the class and have to go through ‘border control’, here they will have to tell the teacher and the rest of the class their backstory and what they wrote on their suitcase/bag.

Step 2. The teacher should not have to listen to everyone’s story (just cut some off and choose to…

  • Let some through by giving them a stamp on their worksheet, sending them to their seats.
  • Others will be denied entry, no matter their story & have to stand facing away from the class.
  • Others will be allowed temporary entrance with the possibility of deportation & have to stand next to their chairs.

Discuss how the students feel after the process. Discuss the concept of free movements and boarders.  Discuss opinion on refugees, legal and illegal migrants.


Handout with image of a suitcase or bag and a stamp.

Total duration: