Activity 1: Interactive theory

Activity 1: Interactive theory


Students will familiarise with the term ‘gender stereotypes’ and ‘gender identity’, as well as some of the aspects of the phenomenon


  • Computer
  • Internet Access


40 minutes


After they watch the video ask them to think on the following questions and initiate discussion [15’]:

  1. Do you think a person should follow the preconceived ideas of society? Could you explain?
  2. Have you ever felt that you or any of your friends/acquaintances had to follow such expectations?
  3. How do you think such expectations affect our lives?
  • After all students have expressed their opinion on at least one of the abovementioned questions, present them the video ‘Gender stereotypes and education’:
  • Ask students whether they believe this happens in reality and encourage opinion exchange [15’].
  • Explain to the students that stereotypes limit individuals’ perception and actions. As shown in the videos, they influence the way we dress, act, make decisions, as well as the careers we choose and the characteristics we have. Many of thesestereotypes are reinforced and reproduced every day, in many ways, through television, books, social media etc.
  • Present the video ‘Range of Gender identities’:
  • Explain to the students that there is a difference between sex (attributed in birth) and gender (socially constructed). Each person has the right to express themselves the way they want and people need to respect other people’s choices. Ask students whether they were aware of the different identities shown in the video and whether they have any questions.