Activity 6: Panel Discussion

Activity 6: Panel Discussion


Teacher assigns to 5 students the following roles:

  • Person 1: Strongly against migrants –uses stereotypes to justify his/her positions – strong sustainer of national pride.
  • Person 2: Believes everyone has a right to free legal movement but is strongly against illegal migrants.
  • Person 3: Has parents that are migrants.
  • Person 4: Completely understanding to both legal and illegal migrants.
  • Person 5: Is a migrant.

Come up with a dialogue (e.g. a skit, radio or tv interview) where Individuals with different ideas about migration have to voice the opinions on the subject. Using some of the content you have heard being said or have researched beforehand to develop an argument for your character for or against.

Time allocation

  1. Develop each argument: 5 min
  2. Each groups panel discussion: 10 min (2min per person)
  3. Class discussion: 10min

Class discussion:

  1. Is there a right or wrong argument for the topic of migration and why?
  2. What are your opinions on national migration versus international migration?
  3. Fear is a common trait associated with the topic; can you identify each individual’s fear during the discussion?

Total duration: