Activity 1: Cyberbullying – Broken Friendship

Activity 1: Cyberbullying – Broken Friendship

Students watch a video clip on the topic of cyberbullying and close student relationships. Then students are asked to give advice in relation to cyberbullying in the context of close relationships.

Materials needed:

Video and Large pieces of papers


50-65 minutes

Activity description in steps:

  • (5-10 minutes) Introduction to the topic of cyberbullying. Start with a brief class discussion on students’ experiences with cyberbullying. Prompts could be: Has anyone experienced cyberbullying? Explain the situation. How did you respond to it? If you were the bully, what did the situation teach you? If you were bullied, what did you learn from the situation?
  • (2 minutes) Show the “Cyberbullying: Broken friendship” video to the students
  • (20 minutes) Give time to students to work individually on the “Dear Compy” handout. They need to choose to respond to one of the two letters individually.
  • (10-15 minutes) After the students have written their response letters individually, split them into groups of three or four. Assign the groups in such a way so that students are with other students who responded to the same letter. Give each of the groups a large piece of paper. On this paper, have each group list the best part of each of their responses. They should list at least one item from each letter in each group.


(10-15 minutes) Post the completed posters around the room and debrief/reflect on the student’s responses.

Ask the students to discuss if any of them has used any of the proposed strategies in their real life. If not, how are they considering applying them in a real-life situation in their lives?

Discussion on how students will apply the discussed strategies, advice in relevant real-life situations.

If teacher finds it appropriate, students can be assigned homework which can give them the task to identify an online situation with a friend, relative or another significant other that may have posed a ethical challenge with online behaviour. The homework may require the students to write a summary of the situation and what ethical decision(s) the students made. The summary can be the same or related to what the students discussed in Step 1 in this activity, but encourage them to write down the situation and provide a stronger critical analysis.